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The Best Time of Year to Visit Malta

Malta has on average, 300 days of sunshine making it a great holiday destination at any time of the year – whether you are a sun worshipper or prefer exploring during the cooler months, there is something for everyone. We’ll outline all of the activities you can enjoy at whatever time of the year you prefer. Whilst Malta theoretically enjoys 4 separate seasons a year – in reality the seasons of Spring and Autumn are short and barely existent so for the purposes of this article we’ll divide the Year in three parts hot, not so hot and cold.

When it’s hot…

If you love the sun then Malta is the place for you, with crystal waters and an average summer temperature of 30 then you will love to visit Malta between June and September. Just remember to fill up on water and don’t neglect the sun screen. Here are some great activities for an exciting summer holiday.

Plan a boat trip – There are plenty of options when planning a boat trip in Malta – you can get a day trip to Comino and visit the blue lagoon and see the Maltese Islands from the sea and take in the fortifications. Explore the caves – there are many trips available that will take you into the various caves dotted around the coast and to see the many natural wonders that the sea has carved into the island’s coast. Go on a boat party, there are often night or day boat parties where you can drink, eat and party along side other party animals, all while taking in the Maltese coast. Finally, if you have money to burn then rent a private boat and do exactly what you want to do – visit the different bays or anchor up and relax.

Go to the beach – With various bays around the island there is plenty of beach to choose from – from the bays of Gnejna and Ghadira in the north to St. Thomas’ Pool in the south. If you can’t choose then use a typical Maltese hack and log on to the website of and find out the best beach to visit depending on the current and weather. If you plan to visit the beach at the weekend make sure to plan early and get there ahead of the crowds. You can find sunbeds and umbrellas available for rent on most beaches as well as bar service and food kiosks.

When it’s not so hot…

This period is usually between April and May and October and November – while it’s not unusual to still find people swimming and enjoying the sunshine – the sea and pools may still be quite cold during this time. Nighttime temperature drops slightly so a light jacket may be needed and the chance of rain is slightly higher, however this is an ideal time to visit the islands if you don’t love cold or hot weather.  Here are some ideas for these in between months.

Go on a hike – during these months the Maltese countryside is at its most beautiful – head to Mgarr and visit the rolling green hills. You could also go to Dingli and walk along the towering cliffs and then stop for a bite at one of the local restaurants.

Visit one of the historic cities – Walk around the capital city of Valletta or the incredible fortified city of Mdina. Try some of the local Maltese cuisine and even visit one of the local museums or archaeological sites. The megalithic temples ir Hagar Qim and Mnajdra are both worth a visit.

Partake in the local activites – At Easter time there a multitude of processions and religious traditions to take part in. Visit the churches that are decorated in rich purples and infused with frankincense.

When it’s cold…

Get into the Christmas Spirirt – If your visit coincides with the Christmas season you’ll find plenty of festive activities to keep you busy – the capital Valletta opens a Christmas market selling local wares and with a Ferris Wheel high enough to view all of the Three cities (Vittoriosa, Senglea and Cospicua).

Have a hearty meal – while fresh local fish and a slight salad may be the local food of choice during the summer months – there is nothing quite like a traditional Maltese stew to fight off the cold. Cuddle up in a local Maltese trattoria and experience some local cuisine.

Go to the theatre – The Maltese take pride in their local theatres and high quality productions can be enjoyed throughout the winter months. The Manoel theatre is an old and beautifully preserved theatre in the heart of Valletta. Enjoy an early dinner in a cosy restaurant and then head to your show – you can find many open bars and pubs close to the theatre for a drink after the show.

Whatever the weather, there is no bad time to visit Malta so pack your bags and book your room at the Alexandra Hotel and we’ll make sure you enjoy your trip in the rain or sunshine.